AG: A Guard
CB: Concert Band
FB: Football Band
JB (1/2): Jazz Band
MB: Marching Band
OG: Open Guard
OR: Orchestra (Strings Only)
PA: Winter Percussion ‘A’ 
PW: Winter Percussion World
SO: Symphony Orchestra
WS: Wind Symphony

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Weekly Notes 4.16.2018

Coming Up This Week:

Monday, 4/16 - SY Rehearsal (Winds/Brass/Percussion) 3-5pm

Wednesday, 4/18 CB/SW/WS CMEA Washington Union 8:30am-2:10pm

Friday, 4/20 - JBI/JBII CMEA Hanford. Jazz Festival 10am-4pm, SY Rehearsal (Strings) 3-5pm


Next Week:

Monday, 4/23 - SY Rehearsal 3-5pm

Wednesday, 4/25 - Concert Percussion Rehearsal 3-6pm

Thursday-Saturday, 4/26-4/28 - JBI Reno Jazz Festival

Friday, 4/27 - Pancakes and Performances Envelopes DUE

Saturday, 4/28 - All Band Students 8am-12:30pm (estimated)

Sunday, 4/29 - WS Concert with Wind Symphony of Clovis 7pm @ PAC


CMEA Washington Union Concert Band Festival

All Concert Band students will be traveling to an performing at Washington Union High School during the school day on Wednesday. Students should come to school in concert attire, and plan to eat a sack lunch at the festival site. There will be concessions available, but students should not rely on this for a meal. We will return to campus in time for students to return to their sixth period classes.


CMEA Hanford Jazz Festival Festival

All Jazz Band students will be traveling to Hanford High School during the day Friday. Students should come to school in Jazz concert attire. We will depart at 10am and return to campus around 4pm depending on traffic. We will make a stop at Superior Dairy prior to performing in the afternoon. 


Pancakes and Performances Tickets

All students should have received an envelope with 10 tickets valued at $10 each for this event. We hope that families will help support this fundraiser by selling tickets and attending the event. Exact performance schedule will be posted soon. Please note, this event will be hosted at Kastner Intermediate School this year. If you need more tickets to sell, please contact Mr. Chesi. All envelopes with ticket money or unsold tickets should be returned to the Band Room Box by 4/27 so that we can get accurate quantities of food.


Jazz I Reno Trip

Jazz I has been scheduled to perform at the Reno Jazz Festival on Saturday April 28th at 10:00am. We are in the process of finalizing our itinerary, but plan on students returning at approximately 10:30pm on Saturday evening. As soon as festival schedules are posted we will finalize our itinerary with Clovis East and share with Jazz I students/parents. 


Wind Symphony Concert with the Wind Symphony of Clovis

Our Wind Symphony has been invited to play on a concert with the Wind Symphony of Clovis, a newly formed band directed by Christine Keenan and Dr. Gary Gilroy (a band which Mr. Chesi also happens to play in). The Wind Symphony of Clovis was just selected to perform at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago this December, and is performing at a very high level. Please consider attending this concert. We will be selling tickets for the performance for $10, and proceeds of tickets we sell through our program will support us. Please join us for a great concert Sunday the 29th. If you would like tickets, and do not have a student in the Wind Symphony please email Mr. Chesi to arrange for advance purchase.


(Yes, this is still here, it still matters, it still applies…) Pledges and Trip Fees

As we approach the end of the 2017-2018 year, we are finding our program in a situation where many of the pledges and trip fees that were promised by many of our families have not come in or repeat payments haven’t been set up. Please remember, we use this information to plan what we can do throughout the school year. If you have not yet submitted your pledges/fees it is not too late to do so. We would greatly appreciate it if these could be submitted as soon as possible.


Staff, Instruments, Music, and supplies all have costs, and while the district does offer us a lot of support it does not fully fund the program we offer your students. Your donations and financial support coupled with fundraising allow us to continue to offer the programs at the level we do, and hopefully make enhancements in the future. Please help us continue to provide a quality music education for your student by fulfilling your pledged amounts and or paying your trip fees. 


Unfortunately we have not seen the level of financial support we have planned on or expected this year. If we are unable to make up these differences this year we will need to be much more conservative in our planning for education and travel opportunities in the upcoming years. Please, if you are financially able, consider an additional donation to help support our program. We will continue to work to provide fundraising opportunities, but our time this year is limited. Please fulfill financial promises you have made to the program if you have not yet done so.


If you would like to continue to support our programs and provide a donation, please consider setting up a recurring payment through paypal. You can access an easy to use method right here:


Save Around the City Books / Money

We have only one more BOX of Save Around the City books available for your student to sell. We need these to be gone, as we will be charged for them, regardless if your students sell and benefit from the proceeds. They sell for $25, and all of the proceeds from that sale ($8.50) go to your student’s trip account. This is a unique opportunity to build your trip credit for future travel. Many students have signed out some of these books. We ask that if you will be unable to sell them you return them so others may do so. We are being charged for all of these books, so we want to get them sold and apply the benefits directly to your trip account. We have been charged a significant amount of money for these unsold books. Please turn in any unsold books or book money ASAP! 



Past News…


Our Amazon Wish List is Back

Our Wish List is back and we need your help! We will update this list periodically with things that the program needs and can use. If you see an item that you would like to purchase for the program, please do! After the order is placed, it will be automatically shipped to Clovis West and will be put straight to good use improving the music experience for our students!


Please view our wish list at


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