AG: A Guard
CB: Concert Band
FB: Football Band
JB (1/2): Jazz Band
MB: Marching Band
OG: Open Guard
OR: Orchestra (Strings Only)
PA: Winter Percussion ‘A’ 
PW: Winter Percussion World
SO: Symphony Orchestra
WS: Wind Symphony

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Weekly Notes 09.05.17

Coming Up This Week:
Tuesday, 9/5 - MB Rehearsal 5:30pm-9pm (CW)
Wednesday, 9/6 - MB Percussion Rehearsal 3pm-5pm (CW)
Thursday, 9/7 - MB Winds Rehearsal 3pm-5pm (CW); MB Percussion Rehearsal 3pm-6:30pm (CW); MB Guard Rehearsal 5:30pm-9pm (CW)
Friday, 9/8 - MB Football Game @ Buchanan HS

Coming Up Next Week:
Tuesday, 9/12 - MB Rehearsal 5:30pm-9pm (CW)
Wednesday, 9/13 - MB Percussion Rehearsal 3pm-5pm (CW)
Thursday, 9/14 - MB Winds Rehearsal 3pm-5pm (CW); MB Percussion Rehearsal 3pm-6:30pm (CW); MB Guard Rehearsal 5:30pm-9pm (CW)
Friday, 9/15 - MB Football Game @ Buchanan HS

Thank You to everyone that contributed to and attended Pasta Palooza! The entire event was a wonderful success thanks to our outstanding supporters and volunteers. You all ROCK! 

New This Week…

MB Shoes • Tuesday, September 5
We will be painting marching band shoes this coming week! If you have a pair of shoes from a previous season that you would like to use this year, please make sure that you bring them to rehearsal tonight so we can collect and paint them. BEFORE you turn in your shoes, please label the inside of each shoe with your first and last name (painters tape works great).

MB Football Game • Friday, September 8
Our first football game of the year will take place at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium (Buchanan HS) this Friday night. Detailed information about football game procedures and this specific event will be emailed out this week.

59 Min Fundraiser • Past Due
This fundraiser ended last Tuesday, but we still have over 100 checked out cards that have not been paid for/returned. Please turn in your extra cards and all money from sold cards ASAP! Thank you to everyone that participated, and an extra thank you for those that turned in all of their money/cards on time.

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