AG: A Guard
CB: Concert Band
FB: Football Band
JB (1/2): Jazz Band
MB: Marching Band
OG: Open Guard
OR: Orchestra (Strings Only)
PA: Winter Percussion ‘A’ 
PW: Winter Percussion World
SO: Symphony Orchestra
WS: Wind Symphony

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Leadership Camp Attendees 2012

Congratulations to the following students selected to attend this summer’s Clovis West Instrumental Music Leadership Camp! The selection process was very difficult for the staff as we had 52 applicants for only 40 spots at camp. We wish we could take everyone who applied as ALL 52 of you are outstanding candidates with tremendous leadership potential. Here is the criteria for how the camp roster was selected this year:

1) All students who will be seniors next year who applied were accepted = 15

2) All Non-Senior Leadership Team Students were accepted = 3

3) Most juniors who did not attend as sophomores, were accepted = 11

4) Remaining spots were filled with sophomores based on several criteria considered by the staff = 11

5) Your financial situation or ability to pay for the camp was not (and never will be) considered in the decision. 

Total: 40 

To ensure that there was enough room for new students to attend camp, no juniors who attended camp as a sophomore were selected to attend. It had nothing to do with your qualifications to attend, simply a matter of giving all students an equal opportunity to attend. 
If you were not selected, you are now an alternate and may still have the opportunity to go to camp in the event that one of the 40 students selected is unable to attend. You will be notified when & if this is the case. Please also consider applying to go to camp again next year. We will do everything possible to ensure that each student has the opportunity to go to camp at least once during their high school career.