AG: A Guard
CB: Concert Band
FB: Football Band
JB (1/2): Jazz Band
MB: Marching Band
OG: Open Guard
OR: Orchestra (Strings Only)
PA: Winter Percussion ‘A’ 
PW: Winter Percussion World
SO: Symphony Orchestra
WS: Wind Symphony

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As announced at Marching Band rehearsal last night, we are doing a fireworks fundraiser! This is an incredible opportunity for our band to raise thousands (yes, thousands!) of dollars to support all of the exciting things we are planning to do in the upcoming school year. BUT...we need YOUR help! There are three ways you can help make this fundraiser successful:

1) Presell Fireworks SCRIP! What is SCRIP? It's a $10 gift certificate that can be used at any Phantom Fireworks Booth. All of the funds raised from the sale of SCRIP will come back to our program no matter where (or if) it is used. Who can you sell to? Family, Friends, and Neighbors! You know all of these people are going to spend a lot of money on fireworks already, so why don't we take advantage and have them pre-purchase SCRIP from us?

Here's how it works
1) Click here to download the SCRIP order form and take it around to everyone you know will be buying fireworks this year.
2) List the customer's name, phone #, and quantity of $10 SCRIP/certificates they would like.
3) Collect payment for the total amount. Be sure checks are payable to "Foundation West/CW AIM"
4) Turn all payments in to the bandroom mailbox on Tuesday, June 19th at Marching Band rehearsal.
5) SCRIP/Certificates will be given to you on Thursday, June 21st.
6) Take the SCRIP back to everyone you sold it to! 

So easy! We would like every Marching Band member to sell at least $50 worth of SCRIP. That's just $10 worth from 5 different people. Or sell more! Be sure to let everyone know that the full amount of $10 can be used towards the purchase of fireworks. 

2) Volunteer to work a shift at our fireworks booth! We need over 125 volunteers to work in the Phantom Fireworks Booth at the Southwest corner of Willow and Nees from June 28th through July 4th.  All workers must be 18 year of age or older.  Please notice that there are 7 dates to choose from and 4 shifts on each day.  Please select a date and shift (or more than one!) and fill in your name, phone number and email.  If you have any questions please call Shannon Lindsey at 559-430-4164. She can also be reached via email

Follow one of these links to be taken to the volunteer sign up page:

June 28th - Click Here
June 29th - Click Here
June 30th - Click Here
July 1st - Click Here
July 2nd - Click Here
July 3rd - Click Here
July 4th - Click Here

3) Buy your fireworks this Fourth of July at the Phantom Fireworks booth located on the Southwest corner of Willow and Nees! All the profits from this booth support the CW Instrumental Music Program!

We need everyone's help to make this happen. Please sell SCRIP and volunteer to work the booth TODAY!