• File

    Concert Credit Verification Form


    Please use this form when submitting a program or ticket stub for Concert Credit.

  • File

    Excused Absence Request (PDF)

    Please use this form for events outside of the school day only. Absences from periods 0-7 should be cleared through the school attendance office. Only absences for specific and unavoidable conflicts will be approved & excused. Must be submitted at least one week prior to anticipated absence.
  • File

    Instrumental Music Handbook (PDF)

    Everything you need to know about the program and how it operates!
  • File

    Out of Town Medication Form.pdf

    Please use this form if your son/daughter needs to take medication on a trip. It must be signed by a doctor.
  • File

    Post Event Release Form


    You must have this form to take your student home with you after a CWHS Instrumental Music Event that the student rode a school or charter bus to.