National Concert Band Festival Performances:

1998, 2010

CBDA Conference Performances:

1999, 2010

CMEA Convention Performances:

2000, 2004

Home Concert Location

Shaghoian Concert Hall @ the Clovis Unified School District Performing Arts Center on the campus of Clovis North Educational Center


2770 E International Avenue

Fresno, CA 93730

(Chestnut & International)

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Concert Band

2015-2016 Clovis West Concert Group Evaluations - Part 2

Concert Band Auditions - Round 2! Please use this audition to improve or solidify your current concert band placement. If you do not submit this audition, there is no chance you will move up. Failure to submit may also jeopardize your current placement. 

Please LISTEN to your audition before submitting. This recording should represent your BEST performance. Please do a microphone check. We highly recommend the use of a SmartMusic microphone.

  1. This excerpt must be submitted via SmartMusic.
  2. Excerpts must be submitted by the end of the day, Friday, November 13th. 
  3. Pay careful attention to your musicality, phrasing, articulations, etc.
  4. Make sure what you submit is the best representation of your playing.

Download audition excerpts here

Tentative Placement - This is NOT final and CAN change. 

Jeannette Aguilar - Symphonic Winds
Phillip Anderson - Symphonic Winds
Ashley Anderson - Symphonic Winds
Marcus Arredondo  - Concert Band
Justin Babauta - Wind Symphony
Chandler Banta  - Concert Band
Emily Beauchamp  - Concert Band
Donavin Beckman - Symphonic Winds
Amanda Bennett - Wind Symphony
Faith Blackburn - Symphonic Winds
Vincent Blancas  - Concert Band
Emma Boone - Wind Symphony
Emily Boquiren  - Concert Band
Michael Borboa - Symphonic Winds
Sam Borunda  - Concert Band
Raynaldo Bracamonte  - Concert Band
Marc Briones  - Concert Band
Niko Brown  - Concert Band
Kanelyn Brown - Symphonic Winds
Elton Brown - Wind Symphony
Heather Bryan  - Concert Band
Micah Burgess - Symphonic Winds
Caleb Calderon - Symphonic Winds
Hailey Campbell - Wind Symphony
Eden Carcamo  - Concert Band
Daisy Castillo  - Concert Band
Felicia Chavez  - Concert Band
Emily Chen - Symphonic Winds
Annie Chen - Symphonic Winds
Joshua Christiansen  - Concert Band
Abbey Clay - Wind Symphony
Andrew Corea  - Concert Band
Meaghan Coyle - Wind Symphony
Shelby Daniels - Wind Symphony
Hadley Daniels - Wind Symphony
Celeste deFranchi  - Concert Band
Jamie Del Carlo  - Concert Band
Evan DenBesten  - Concert Band
Neena Dosanjh - Symphonic Winds
Jazmine Douglas - Symphonic Winds
Jarrod Ellis  - Concert Band
Cami Evaro - Wind Symphony
Emma Ferdinandi - Wind Symphony
Xavier Flores  - Concert Band
Cody Franz - Symphonic Winds
Cristian Gallegos  - Concert Band
Andrea Garcia - Symphonic Winds
Matt Garza - Symphonic Winds
Brandon Garza - Wind Symphony
Michael Gil - Wind Symphony
Natalie Goldsack - Symphonic Winds
Stephanie Gonzales - Symphonic Winds
San Juana Gonzalez  - Concert Band
Lex Green  - Concert Band
Joe Guan - Symphonic Winds
Madison Hammack  - Concert Band
Mikenna Hammack  - Concert Band
Caleb Harbin - Wind Symphony
Koby Hayashi - Wind Symphony
Logan Hernandez - Wind Symphony
Kurt Hildebrandt  - Concert Band
Adrian Johnson  - Concert Band
Colin Kodama - Wind Symphony
Maria Leftheriotis  - Concert Band
Janet Lin - Symphonic Winds
Dayton Locke  - Concert Band
Vincent Long - Symphonic Winds
Charlie Lozano  - Concert Band
Rhiannon Macias - Wind Symphony
Michael Martinez  - Concert Band
Reese Maupin  - Concert Band
William McBride  - Concert Band
Justin McIntyre - Wind Symphony
Josue Medina - Wind Symphony
Alicia Mejia  - Concert Band
Mary Mets - Symphonic Winds
Aymee Moreno  - Concert Band
Maya Mullen - Symphonic Winds
Sydni Mullen - Symphonic Winds
Mary Myers  - Concert Band
Maddy Myers - Wind Symphony
Allison Nakazawa  - Concert Band
Madison Nii - Wind Symphony
Anu Oka  - Concert Band
Christian Paulino  - Concert Band
Harry 'Key' Poulan - Symphonic Winds
Faiaz Rahman - Wind Symphony
Arianna Rivas  - Concert Band
Katelyn Robinson  - Concert Band
Mario Rosales  - Concert Band
Alyssa Saldivar  - Concert Band
Jacob Sanchez  - Concert Band
Santiago Segura - Symphonic Winds
Joaquin Serrano  - Concert Band
Robert Simmons - Symphonic Winds
Hayden Simpson  - Concert Band
Tyler Smith  - Concert Band
Analicia Sosa - Symphonic Winds
Jacob Soto  - Concert Band
Elisha Standing  - Concert Band
Jershon Standing - Wind Symphony
Cammy Standriff - Symphonic Winds
Samantha Still - Wind Symphony
Tristan Sullivan  - Concert Band
Keeley Swank  - Concert Band
Rachel Tarudji - Wind Symphony
Ciarra Thacker  - Concert Band
Aria Thao  - Concert Band
Christopher Tom  - Concert Band
Benjamin Tucker  - Concert Band
Benjamin Tyson - Wind Symphony
Dominique Tzou - Symphonic Winds
Jackie Uribe - Symphonic Winds
Michael Vaquilar  - Concert Band
Justin Vogel  - Concert Band
Gabriel Wells-Vasquez  - Concert Band
Chris Winzler  - Concert Band
Meghan Winzler - Symphonic Winds

Concert Band - 2nd Period (Fall & Spring)

Method Book: Sound Innovations for Concert Band Ensemble Development - Intermediate 

Symphonic Winds - 3rd Period (Spring)

Method Book: Sound Innovations for Concert Band Ensemble Development - Advanced 

Wind Symphony - 4th Period (Spring)

Method Book: Foundations for Superior Performance