Clovis West Colorguard 2018/19


Amezcua, Camille
Aravanis, Sophia
Borchansky, Joelle
Borchansky, Samantha
Contreras, Park
Cosner, Charlotte
Findley, Jayden
Franz, Kari
Gomez, Alexia
Gomez, Emma
Hardcastle, Amanda
Hernandez, Ariel
Hernandez-Cabrera, Alyah
Jackson, Amber
Kempf, Megan
Lemon, Katia
Lopez, Makayla
Mason, Kora
McClelland, Tori
Munoz, Lizbeth
Rios, Sierra
Palmer, Emily
Parker, Hailey
Stuber, Scarlet
Sullivan, Jessie
Tucker, Taylor
Valdovinos, Xiadani
Villasenor, Ari
Winford, Noel
Yang, Naomi
Young, Candace

Congratulations! We will see you at summer rehearsals.
Please email with any questions!


The Clovis West Area Colorguard Program is designed to provide the students of Kastner Intermediate and Clovis West High School with outstanding experiences in dance, flag, and weapon performance. Both schools have full year programs that feature marching band and indoor winterguard performances.  

Who can join Colorguard? Colorguard is open to all students in the Clovis West Area grades 7-12. Entrance to program is by audition in the spring for the coming school year. Auditions for the Clovis West Colorguard Program are focused on talent and ability. 

Clovis West Program Overview The Clovis West Colorguard rehearses throughout the summer in preparation for the fall competition season. The colorguard attends several football games and competitions as part of the Clovis West Marching Band throughout the fall. 

Following the marching band season, all Clovis West guard members audition for one of two winterguards at Clovis West: “Open” Guard and the “A” Guard.

Is Colorguard a class? Students in the guard at Clovis West take colorguard as an elective 7th period and also enroll in 8th Period Marching Band PE for PE credit during the fall semester. Colorguard is a full year commitment at Clovis West. 

Clovis West Colorguard Expectations 

All students selected to the Colorguard must understand and agree to the following:

 1) Colorguard is a full year commitment. 

2) Students selected are expected to attend all rehearsals, performances and competitions. 

3) All Colorguard students will be enrolled in 7th Period Colorguard Class & 8th period Marching Band PE (Fall semester only)

4) All colorguard students will participate in the winterguard season.

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